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With our webshop you can shop at any time via the Internet - from the comfort of your couch. Browse through our product categories and click on a product you want to know more.

Your shoppingcart

On the product pages you will find a field where you can type the desired number and a button "Add to cart". First, type the number and click the button "Add to Cart" to add products to a virtual 'shopping list'.

Then you can continue shopping and other products in the shopping cart, or edit the order.

Many products are variants: first select the desired option, such as a particular size or color, before you submit the product to the cart.

Comfort is our highest value

The link "put on shopping", you can mark certain products until your next visit. This works only if you have enabled. Cookies on your computer

The "View Shopping List" feature allows you to display the selected products later.

The link "Recommend this product", please send an e-mail to friends and acquaintances if you encounter a product that can be useful to them. From the store, your e-mail program is opened and a message is created with a link that the recipient can click directly.

Edit the order

Click the command "View Shopping Cart" to view your current order with an overview of the products that you have placed. In cart If you still want to change the product number, then type a new number in the "quantity" field and click on the "Update Total". To remove a product from your order, click the delete icon next to the product. To see details of a product in the shopping cart, click the name of the product in the shopping cart. If your order is complete, click the "Next" button.

Shiping and Payment

In the next window, select the appropriate shipping method. Any shipping cost listed. Select the desired shipping method and click "Next" to go. Payment methods Select the preferred payment method and then click on the "Next" button.

There are three diffrent postal zones, inside the Netherlands, Europe zone 1 and Europe Zone 2+3. These postal zones are according the regulations of the dutch postal service 'PostNL'

The shipping only apply in Europes, other rates apply for deliveries outside of Europe which can be requested.

Everything ok ?

Below is a summary of your order appears. Double check that everything is correct. Ensure that all products and product numbers are correct and that the required shipping and payment method selected. From this window, you can also see our Terms and Conditions. Before sending the order you should deal agree to the terms by switching. The corresponding checkbox Then click "Next" to complete the order.

Your Data

Below is a summary of your order appears . Double Check That everything is correct. Ensure That There are three possibilities

1 ) You do not have an account and would also not
Fill in your personal details. Required fields are marked with an asterisk . Also, any club or Vereninging you specify . On this form, you may also specify a different delivery address .

2 ) You do not have an account and allows one to
Enter your personal information once only . Required fields are marked with an asterisk . On this form, you may also specify a different delivery address . You must also specify a password for the next time. Login with email address and password you enter is sufficient according to your data are known

With an account you can always see what you have ordered in the past , or what was last time . In your shopping cart

3 ) Your e - mail address is recognized by our shop , there is an account of the past created and requires only a password

There are data from our webshop previous version introduced with any personal data , press the button ' password ' and a temporary password emailed to you so you can log

Check whether the details of your account are correct so that the correct address is used

Important: All customer data remain the only Dax Magic known and therefore will not be disclosed to third parties

Your e-mail address

Make sure you enter your email address correctly. We use this address to contact contact you.

No order confirmation ?

When an order is automatically an order by mail.

If it does not, something goes wrong, it may include the following reasons;
- the order is received in your spam filter
- a typo in your e-mail address
- Our server is full (we also get a voucher system and do not know what you ordered)

Please send us a mail so that it can be solved?


Many features in our store use cookies. Cookies make it possible to store. Data on your computer These functions can be used only if you have enabled Cookies on your computer