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News Vallejo

All of the new Vallejo Game collors, the 'Game Colors Xpress & Special FX', are instock


Vallejo acrylic paint has been specially developed for hobby and model building. There are various color series especially for the model builder, the wargamer, for use in the airbrush and various other specialties.

Outside of paint, there are several other products from Vallejo available in our shop

AK Interactive

AK Interactive is a growing company founded by Fernando Vallejo, a young model maker from Spain, which guarantees quality products.

MIG Productions

Mig Productions is the oldest brand dedicated to model advocacy and is a leading brand in this field. With all the help and experience of many modellers from all over the world, products of the highest quality have been developed that are regarded as a reference brand in the modeling world.

MIG Productions has nothing to do with the 'AMMO' brand

RP Toolz

RP Toolz, a new company, with quality tools for the modeller

Abteilung 502

Abteilung 502 is bekend als een merk met kwalitatief hoogwaardige producten, zoals o.a. olieverd, filters en pigmenten, die gemakkelijk te gebruiken op alle soorten modellen. Abteilung heeft ook door het maken van bijzondere boeken de modelbouwer helpen zijn weg te vinden.

Krycell Ice and Snow

Precision Ice & Snow is the world's number 1 in the field of snow, ice and water effects for model making and dioramas. There is a wide range of products for every modeller to give your model the most realistic winter look and bring icy perfection to your diorama.

Dax Magic has ao. various types of Precision Snow, Snow Wash, Instant Snow and Snow Adhensive in stock

ProEdge Tools

ProEdge, a concept for quality tools for the modeller


Evergreen is the world's largest producer of styrene plastic shapes, strips and sheet material in metric and inch sizes. You can use Evergreen products to build or modify your models.


There are several Microscale products:
- Micro Set
- Micro Sol
- Micro Weld Styrene Cement
- Micro Mask
- Micro Metal Foil Adhensive
- Micro Kristal Clear
- Micro Liquitape
- Micro Liquid Decal Film


We have brushes from various brands, both round and flat, quality and budget.
All brushes are together for the overview


Milliput is a 2 component filler. It works like clay, can be shaped with a wet finger and becomes as hard as porcelain within 5 hours. Ideal for military models, plastic models and much more! Adheres to metal, wood, plastics, glass, ceramics etc. After curing it can be sawn, drilled, filed, sanded, painted or even machined on a lathe.

Dax Magic Webshop

Dax Magic, and with it the Dax Magic Webshop, is an independent company that supplies products for wargamers and model builders. We are in no way part of or affiliated with Acrylicos Vallejo, MIG Productions, AK Interactive and other brands sold by us. Dax Magic is only liable for the products and services it supplies.