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Terms & Conditions

Account information

All account information of customers is stored only for this store, we will not distribute to third parties.

Benefit of an account is that you can watch what you have ordered in the past and the data needs to be entered only one time


All deliveries are subject to availability

All products are only shipped after payment is received (we can not ship within 24 hours!)

Dax Magic has at all times the right to refuse if for example clerical errors in the prices shown would occur (if it even recognizable as such logically). Mistakes an order

Dax Magic also reserves the right to refuse service to customers who have not previously held to the normal conduct deliveries. These customers will receive notice that they are excluded from our services.

Right of Withdraw

In the Netherlands, a statutory period of 14 working days.

Within this period you can cancel the order without giving reasons (and / or return). You can do this after a written message. (An e-mail to is sufficient)

Returning Goods

- All opened or used products, they are excluded from return
- Only possible within the trial period of 14 days.
- Only a refund of the purchase price,thus excluding shipping costs and costs of Paypal

Conclusion of the Agreement

After you have entered your personal information and clicked OK, you have a binding agreement for delivery of the products in the cart. Once the payment is ordered will be sent.

If the order is received, we would like to receive a confirmation from you so that complete the purchase is handled completely.

Trading Terms

You can view our Terms and Conditions at any time on this website.


The warranty is determined by the applicable law, which we may want to exchange the goods in the event of faults. If the swap product is also defective, you can return the products to refund the full purchase price.

Products are not covered by the warranty in the situation where the desired result is not obtained due to the user's ignorance or inexperience with the product.
Products are covered under the warranty if the products themselves are already damaged upon arrival, or if the product no longer meets the supplier's standard. For example, if the paint has fully cured on arrival or if there is a production error. (This is in most cases handled directly by the manufacturer himself)


Dax Magic, H.I.Ambacht, Holland, Europe