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Flex Touch-N-Flow Applicator

The Touch-N-Flow Applicator is a light-weight, easy-to-handle tool for applying liquid solvent cements. This product is gravity fed allowing an exact application of solvent cement according to the angle it’s held at. The Touch-N-Flow has the ability to join seams with a single continuous application, apply micro-droplets with pin-point accuracy, and can reach into tight corners without runs or smears. Reduce solvent cement evaporation and accidental spillage by containing a useable amount of solvent cement in the Touch-N-Flow.
Save your brushes for painting, with Touch-N-Flow Applicators you can:

- Join seams with a continuous application - no stops to refill a brush.
- Apply a micro-droplet with pin-point accuracy.
- Reach into tight corners without runs or smears


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