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70186 Vallejo MC Set WW2 US Tank Crew

The US armored troops in the European Theater of Operations of WWII were outfitted with a large variety of uniforms, many of them shared with the rest of the army units, and others specific to their units, such as the winter jacket, the winter pants and the overall jumpsuit HBT (Herring Bone Twill). This set contains the colors needed to paint all these garments and includes base colors and specific colors for highlights and shadows. Also included are colors for painting helmets and accessories.

Content: 8 x 17 ml. Model Color

70.819 - Iraqi Sand
70.845 - Sunny Skin Tone
70.880 - Khaki Grey
70.889 - Olive Brown
70.893 - US Dark Green
70.895 - Gunship Green
70.896 - German Camouflage Extra Dark Green
70.988 - Khaki


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