71196 Air Color Soviet Air Force Colors 1941 (8)

Soviet Air Force VVS Pre-War to 1941 “Great Patriotic War”

Set with 8 Model Air colors in 17ml. developed to paint the various color combinations of the camouflage color schemes of the Soviet aircraft, starting with the years prior to WWII (the thirties) until the URSS entered into the conflict” The Great Patriotic War” in June 1941.

71.062 - Aluminium
71.317 - AII SV. Gol Light Blue
71.409 - Khaki
71.410 - Camouflage Green
71.411 - A-19F Grass Green
71.412 - VVS Grey Blue
71.413 - A-18f Light Blue
71.414 - AEh-9 Light Grey


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