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AK 554. 1945 German Late War Colors Set

At the end of 1944 the German Army introduced new variants in the colors used on their vehicles. Our newest set of acrylic paints is composed of 6 colors designed to represent these colors that are sought after by modelers. For the first time we will be able to paint late war German tanks without complex mixes and hours of research. These paints have been designed in consideration of the Scale Reduction Effect (subtle lighter than actual color), to obtain the correct colors in our kits. These paints are designed to be effective for airbrush and brush and are water-soluble ? avoiding strong smells and harmful solvents.

A 6 acrylic color 17 ml set;
AK-713 Dunkelgelb 1944 DGI RAL 7028
AK-714 Dunkelgelb 1944 DGII RAL 7028
AK-715 Resedagrun
AK-716 Resedagrun
AK-717 Rotbraun
AK-718 Schokobraun


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