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AK 5020 US Navy Camouflages 2

The new set US NAVY CAMOUFLAGES 2, has been developed to complement the previous US NAVY CAMOUFLAGES. With this new acrylic set we hand over the naval modeler a powerful tool which will allow you to paint all of the US Navy schemes during World War II, as it can be the “Early” as the “Dazle” and “Late” Measures. The variants for smaller vessels, submarines and aircraft carrier are also included.

This set contains:
AK 5021 Dark Gray 5D
AK 5022 Pale Gray 5P
AK 5023 Standard Navy Gray 5
AK 5024 Flight Deck Blue 21
AK 5025 Neutral Haze Gray
AK 5026 Hull Red


15,95 EUR

Product-ID: AK-5020  

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