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AK 4140 Modern Russin Colors II

This set is not only an add-on to the first set, with additional colours that you may use to reproduce even more camouflage patterns, but it also offers the three colours indispensible for recreating the attractive hard-edge camouflage scheme applied to many modern Russian vehicles recently. These acrylic paints are formulated for both brush and airbrush use, and they are soluble in water, meaning that you won’t have odours as you would experience from the more aggressive, solvent-based paints. Our acrylics are manufactured by AK-Interactive, and are made to our own formula, which prevents problems with them drying in the airbrush, causing potential blockages.
set includes:
AK-4141 Pale Tan; AK-4142 Orange Brown; AK-4143 Red Brown; AK-4144 Light Yellow Green; AK-4145 Blue Gray; AK-4146 Olive Green


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