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AK 4230 MERDC Camouflage Colors

This set contains the necessary colors to paint American vehicles according to the MERDC (Mobility Equipment Research and Development Center) camouflage system used by the United States Army during the 1970’s. This comprehensive set contains all the required colors necessary to paint the various MERDC camouflage schemes. The MERDC patterns are: MERDC Summer Verdant, MERDC Tropical Verdant, MERDC Gray Desert, MERDC Red Desert, MERDC Snow / Open Terrain, MERDC Snow w/ Trees and MERDC Winter Verdant. AK Interactive insists upon exacting standards ensuring that all colors correspond FS 595 (United States Federal Standard colors used in Government Procurement) color chart.

This set contains:

AK-797 Earth Red (FS30117)
AK-4214 Light Green (FS34151)
AK-4222 Earth Yellow (FS30257)
AK-4231 Dark Green (FS34102)
AK-4233 MERDC Sand (FS30277)
AK-4234 Field Drab (FS30118)
AK-4236 Forest Green (FS34079)
AK-4237 Insignia White (FS3787


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