AK 2050 US Modern Aircraft Color Set

U.S. Modern Aircraft 1 is a set of 8 acrylic paints, essential for painting the authentic colours used by the U.S. Navy and USMC from the early 1970s, onwards. These colours can also be used to paint many modern USAF aircraft. Our new colours have been carefully researched for accuracy, and has been formulated in consideration of the Scale Reduction Effect (subtle lighter than actual color), to obtain the correct colors in our kits. The acrylic paints are formulated for both brush and airbrush use, and they are also soluble in water, meaning that you won’t have odours as you would experience from the more aggressive solvent-based paints. Our acrylics are manufactured by AK-Interactive, and are made from our own formula, which prevents problems with them drying in the airbrush, causing potential blockages.

A profile guide is printed on the backside of the box. We recommend our thinner AK712 for best results.

This set contains:
-AK2051 FS 16440 Light Gull Gray.
-AK2052 FS 17875 White.
-AK2053 FS 33613 Radome Tan.
-AK2054 FS 35164 Intermediate Blue.
-AK2055 FS 36307 Light Sea Grey.
-AK2056 FS 35237 Medium Grey.
-AK2057 FS 36375 Light Ghost Grey.
-AK2058 FS 36320 Dark Ghost Grey.


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