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71149 Air Color Set RAF Day Fighter Pre War (8)

RAF Day Fighters pre-war to 1941

Set of Model Air colors. developed for painting the RAF fighter camouflage scheme “Temperate Land” in its different color combinations from the years before WWII (starting in 1937) and the beginning of the conflict in 1939, with the first battles in Norway, Netherland, France and England, until August 1941. The set also includes the colors for the “Shadow Compensation” color scheme used in biplanes of all models and deployment.

71.057 - Black
71.062 - Aluminium

71.279 - Insignia White
71.291 - US Earth Yellow
71.302 - Sky Type S
71.323 - BS Dark Earth
71.324 - BS Dark Green
71.403 - Light Green


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