Precision Ice And Snow

Why use KRYCELL Snow powder?

Krycell snow powder does not yellow with age or react with other materials. Krycell snow powder is NOT water soluble.
It is hydrophobic and repels water and moisture. The snow will not turn yellow or discolor over time and will not react with other materials.

Krycell snow powder is made from crystal particles. These behave and stick together like real snowflakes and look like real snow.
One thing is important; Make sure you use crystal clear adhesives, resins and adhesives if you want snow-white snow.

Krycell snow powder is suitable for a wide range of scales and sizes. 1: 220 to 1: 4th. All you have to do is change the method that you use to apply the snow powder. This affects the scale display.

Snow powder type 'Fine' is for scale 1:35 and smaller, type 'Extra' is for 1:35 and larger. Type 'Ultra'is is used in combination of silicon products to make a special snow effect

The differense between powder types:
- FINE - Used for smaller scale models
- EXTRA - For larger scale models
- ULTRA - Extra glisten. Can be used for all model scales