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Alles was Sie haben müssen um ein Diorama zu machen mit AK Interactive:

Vallejo diorama products

26215 Vallejo Sandy Paste 200 ml

26217 Vallejo Desert Sand 200 ml

26218 Vallejo Dark Earth 200 ml

26219 Vallejo Brown Earth 200 ml

26230 Vallejo Still Water 200 ml

26231 Vallejo Foam & Snow 32 ml

26236 Vallejo Red Oxide Paste 30 ml

26820 Vallejo Snow 200 ml Snow reproduces the glittery look of this element, and is an ideal medium to work with, easily co...

26809 Vallejo Industrial Mud 200 ml The color of grayish mud, native to urban environment, where the presence of human activity, indu...

26810 Vallejo Light Brown Mud 200 ml The color of mud occurring on alkaline lands, in dry climates of desert and Mediterranean areas, ...