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P503 MIG Europe Wet Mud Rough

This new range has been thought in order to make more realistics and effective textures on models and dioramas.The name of our new MUD tells everything: just mud. The new range starts with three colors and two different textures: Europe Dry Mud, Europe Wet Mud and Sub Sahara Wet Mud with fine and rough texture.

With the new MIG Productions MUDs you will be able to make the most realistic mud, soils and landscapes in your dioramas.

This new special formula is the answer to the most demanding requests. Now, modellers have the definitive solution for the soil representation.

With MIG Productions MUDs solutions you will find, not only different colors, you will also find different textures that will turn your work into a masterpiece!


5,50 EUR

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Prijs inclusief 21% BTW.

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